What are interactive plant labels?

Plants Map makes it easy and affordable to order custom, interactive plant tags or signs. Our signs have something you won’t find on other tags – a QR code or NFC chip that directly connects your plants to a smartphone. Touch the chip or scan the code to open the plant’s unique page on PlantsMap.com and then you can edit notes and add photos to the plant page. Visitors to your garden can scan to read the story of your plant and see photos of it in all seasons. Now anyone can add attractive, long-lasting plant identification to any landscape or plant collection.

Products and Prices



Plant Tags



Plant Sign


12″ Short stake –  $4.50 each

20″ Long stake –  $6.25 each

Plant Tag Stake

  • Black anodized aluminum stake
  • Options: 3M VHB permanent adhesive strips or removable 3M Dual Lock™ strips.
  • To only order our stakes and tree hardware sets please use this form.

Tree Mount Hardware Set

$1.50 each
Tree Hardware Collage

  • All components are stainless steel.
  • Set includes 2 washers, 1 spring, and 1 #10 deck screw
  • The #10 deck screw is 2.5″ long, 3/16″ diameter and has a T-25 star head
  • See Best Way to Attach An ID Sign.
  • To only order our stakes and tree hardware sets please use this form.

Quantity discounts and shipping & taxes

  • 5% discount on orders of $350 or more (subtotal before tax and shipping)
  • 10% discount on orders of $1200 or more (subtotal before tax and shipping)
  • Based on our orders over the past year, shipping and handling averages about $15 within the Contiguous United States. The My Tags order form summary uses this amount for the estimate.
  • We will provide a quote for the shipping cost for orders sent outside of the Contiguous United States
  • We charge sales tax for all orders where appropriate. The My Tags order form has a field to enter information for tax-exempt organizations and we’ll email you to get your certificate for our files. Only state-approved current exemption certificate forms are accepted.

How do I begin an order?

  • Sign In to create a profile or add an organization profile.
  • Create your digital plant library using our My Plants Map tools.
  • Begin your order using our My Tags ordering process.

Can I customize the tag or sign?

Need more help?

We have an extensive ‘Help’ section with posts that answer questions about our tags and signs and many other Plants Map questions. When people ask a new question, we try to write a blog post to answer those questions because we know that if we haven’t made it clear, then others probably have the same question!

We’ve completed our transition to having Goodwill Industries handle our inventory, printing and shipping. This is a great partnership and a win-win for both Plants Map as we continue to grow, and for the people participating in the job skills training program through Goodwill. Click to read more about our partnership.

Order a sample box and we’ll send you one of each of the items we sell:

  • 1 “Franklin Tree” Tag with Dual Lock strip
  • 1 “Dawn Redwood” Sign
  • 1 NFC sticker linked to Dawn Redwood
  • 1 Long Stake with VHB tape
  • 1 Short Stake with Dual Lock strip
  • 1 Tree Hardware Set
  • 1 Ski Tie.

Shipping is included.

Price: $25


I teach a Mountain Ecology course at a boarding school for high school boys in Virginia. Over the years the students in this course have built and developed an Interpretive Trail on campus. After discovering Plants Map, I quickly realized it was a great way to create a digital record of the numerous tree ID signs that have been created over the years. We have also utilized PlantsMap's ID tags for numerous trees on the school's Front Lawn. Plants Map is a great tool to help my students generate content and create a reference database for others. The database is also proving to be instrumental as we seek Arboretum status with ArbNet.

Cory Woods Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs; Blue Ridge School PlantsMap.com, Interactive Tags & Signs June 1, 2017

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I wanted handsome, long lasting plant tags that could link me to more complete information on each of my 300+ trees AND geolocate each plant thru the use of QR codes and an online data bank. Plants Map fit the bill, and so did Bill Blevins, the owner. He and Tracy (wife & partner) was more than helpful in guiding me towards making it happen. If you're looking for plant tags that can do more than just offer the name of a plant, I'd highly recommend these fully functional tags.

Ward Wilson Private enthusiast PlantsMap.com, Interactive Tags & Signs May 24, 2017

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We were looking for plant ID signs for our demonstration rain gardens. Those from Plants Map fit the bill, and they are always quick to accommodate our needs and answer questions.

Hope Brock Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority PlantsMap.com, Interactive Tags & Signs September 21, 2017

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I serve on a team, along with 5 other Master Gardener, Tree Steward volunteers at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. We recently began working with Charles Gardener the CW Arborist on a project to create an arboretum in the Historic Area. At the very beginning, we were referred to PlantsMap.com by Eric Wiseman, Ph.D. At VA Tech, as a place that would allow us easily to create a map and develop an inventory base that would be easily accessible by the public who visit Colonial Williamsburg, in person or online.

We found that Plants Map offered the complete package, that not only allowed us to download a significant amount of data for each of the trees and woody shrubs in the collection, but also provided a means of linking that data through their QR tags that we used to label the entire arboretum. The tagging system available through Plants Map is very affordable and connects seamlessly with the website to allow visitors to self-guide their own tours through the Arboretum.

The tags from Plants Map are durable, easy to read and come with complete mounting kits for trees or stakes. We have ordered over 175 tags and are very happy with the quality of the product.

None of us were technical wizards and with the generous advice and assistance patiently provided by Bill Blevins, our task became easier and more manageable as we completed our work. The result is that the Colonial Williamsburg Arboretum is currently a fully accredited Level I arboretum certified by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program (ArbNet.org), maintained by the Morton Arboretum. Our application for Level II status is presently pending.

Bill and Tracy provide a personal service that associates our organization with other similar organizations throughout the country and allows us to keep current with happenings in plant-based endeavors elsewhere. Theirs’ is a true labor of love for nature and gardening that is a great fit for any organization, large or small, that wants to preserve and share information about the natural world. I highly recommend Plants Map if you are looking for a way to manage your plant information.

Rick Brown Master Gardener, Tree Steward Volunteer, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia PlantsMap.com, Interactive Tags & Signs March 1, 2019

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I was recently able to achieve Level 1 Arboretum Certification through the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) for our beautiful historic neighborhood in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the process of looking for tree identification signs, the TUFC recommended that I take a look at Plants Map for their ability to provide interactive plant labels. Bill Blevins took the time to explain the QR code benefit that Plants Map provides, being able to add a plethora of information about each tree that visitors to our arboretum can access by simply scanning the QR code with their smartphones! I ordered my 36 signs and the requisite hardware, which all arrived in perfect condition.

A couple of weeks ago, I placed another order for a few more signs to identify some recent additions to our arboretum. Two of the new trees are being dedicated in a weekend ceremony, in memory of neighbors who are no longer with us. (Another benefit of Plants Map is the ability to add a story about each tree. For the two trees commemorating our neighbors, I included short bios describing their contributions to our community so that anyone who passes by and scans the QR code can not only learn about the trees but also about those for whom they memorialize.) Bill sent the signs but I never received them. When I contacted Bill and explained my predicament and the urgency of needing the signs for the Dedication ceremony, he assured me that he would reprint them and overnight them to me. He did! They arrived just in time and I was able to place them in front of the trees, all set and ready for the much-anticipated ceremony!

It is with much appreciation that I highly recommend Plants Map, not only for their dedication to preserving and sharing information for the benefit of public education about our natural environment but for their personal and patient customer service.

Bill and Tracy Blevins and their staff have been incredibly helpful. They’re very knowledgeable and readily available to provide assistance. I look forward to a long ongoing relationship with them as partners in this ever-evolving project that is the Fort Wood Arboretum!

Thanks so much, guys!

Very Sincerely,

Diana Davies

Diana Davies Fort Wood Arboretum Founder PlantsMap.com, Interactive Tags & Signs March 4, 2019

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