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Help Articles

We are moving all of our help articles from our blog over into a new help desk program! We expect this transition to be complete by the end of November 2019.

You can still find our previous help site here info.plantsmap.com/help. As we move articles, they will appear on the new site here: http://help.plantsmap.com

For a few weeks it may be necessary to check both places. Or you can send us an email to help@plantsmap.com and we’ll respond quickly and get you the link you need.

Our most frequently referenced Help articles:

Help Videos

We’ve made a few dozen short videos that answer the most frequently asked questions we get about Plants Map. As we continue our move over to a new help site, here’s the link directly to the Video Library.

Online Demos

To schedule an online demo session to answer your questions and to give you an introduction to the My Plants Map tools and features please send an email to help@plantsmap.com.

Contact Us

If you don’t find the answer or help that you need, the very best way to contact us is by email.

Send a message to help@plantsmap.com with your question, comment, or feedback about Plants Map and we’ll respond quickly to help.